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We are experienced digital media gurus with decades of digital production, marketing, business management and web development and we are here to help you with all digital and marketing aspects of your company.


Create an audience, encourage engagement and interaction – blog, message and post!


Construct a solid marketing plan, eye popping web sites and engaging video.


Connect to the world! Keep up with you audience and keep them up-to-date.

Multi-Purpose Media and Marketing

We are revolutionizing the way businesses connect and interact with their audiences through every popular digital platform. Revolution eMedia is a full service, quick turnaround provider of web design, video production, social media, online education and everything in between.

Take advantage of all the perks a well crafted web presence will bring you; more customer interaction, engagement and feedback. We allow your business to move forward in a very competitive internet market with clear and organized web design and video presence – let Revolution eMedia make it simple, quick and fun. Revolution eMedia’s hub of rich, digital services is designed to bring the most visually appealing product to your customers as well as the tools necessary to turn an unlimited audience on to your brand with various marketing and social media applications.

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Created and operated by experienced digital media gurus and marketing specialists – Revolution eMedia delivers smooth web development, beautiful video and the ability to spread your brand and message directly to your audience. Creating, constructing and connecting your business to the world!

Marketing Creative and effective digital marketing solutions that save time and will provide significant improvements in traffic to your products, services and web site.
Interactive Fun interaction creates a memorable event for the user! Hook your audience using interactive apps, quizzes, game design and augmented reality
Video Creative, bold, engaging and beautiful videos, animations and commercials and educational videos that are smooth flowing and easy to follow can add flare and interaction to your web site.
Web Unique, engaging, responsive and easy to navigate are the rules we go by when creating a web platform that will convert new leads and scale as you grow.
eLearning Train your employees, educate your customers or teach your students with engaging interactive learning materials online?
Mobile Offer your products services and other solutions to you customers from anywhere they might be at any time of the day, because everyone has a smartphone!

Some Fun Facts

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better web experience.


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Our Portfolio

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

The Ride 360°

The Ride 360°

Experience the history and excitement of taking a virtual ride on a Ford Model T. With the power of 360° video and this historical experience in time comes to life right on your computer, cell phone or tablet. This 360 video experience will completely immerse you in a cinematic educational interactive experience. For those not yet familiar with 360 video content you can re-position the view on your computer by dragging your mouse around the video or on mobile devices by simply moving your device around. For the most immersive experience possible be sure to try out the video using Google Cardboard and your mobile device!

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Thread Source Inc.

Thread Source Inc.

Thread Source Inc. is a distributor of screws, anchors and fasteners for the construction market. Revolution is working with them to develop a web presence heavy on providing education and information relevant to their market such as detailed specification tables and downloads on fasteners and tools.

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House Mechanics

House Mechanics is a contractor specializing in residential roofing, siding and windows. As insurance clam specialists House Mechanics has all manner of information to communicate to potential clients. Revolution has worked to produce a series of videos outline the the claims processes and repair information.

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Assurance Locking Systems

Assurance Locking Systems

Assurance Locking Systems develops simple and reliable access control products that provide safety and security. Revolution has worked with them for years providing website development, marketing and video production services. Recently we have overhauled their website with integrated mobile support and a new store.

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O”Brien Law Firm

O”Brien Law Firm

The O’Brien Law Firm has handled cases of virtually all types for all kinds of people and needed an updated web presence. Revolution designed and developed a new mobile responsive site complete with content management, Avvo integration for client reviews and a legal news ticker system.

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Commons Club

Commons Club

Revolution teamed up with a high-end country club in south west Florida to shoot a series of video describing a 4.5 million dollar renovation proposal. The video was shown to possible investors and members alike. Getting creative with the project, we took a map of the grounds and overlaid video according to location on the property. This allowed for the persons interested to get a larger scale view of the project and interact with their areas of interest. The Commons club invited us back for a follow-up shoot and we gladly accepted.

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Puzzle Fairytale App

Big, bold puzzle pieces present a land of fairy tails and lovable characters that will keep the kids entertained for, well, a few minutes if you’re lucky. Easy to play and even more fun to keep playing, the puzzle fairytale app encourages your kids to shake the phone to shuffle and sounds to entertain.

Revolution eMedia presents a fun fairytale app for the whole family. This is a prime example of how a simple application can transform into a targeted marketing event – complete with a beautiful website and high definition video to highlight this app’s best attributes and completely engage the audience.

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A Better Care 4 Your Pet

A Better Care 4 Your Pet

Just like everyone else in your family, pets get sick sometimes. In fact, one in three pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year. And it isn’t just older dogs and cats, either. According to claims data, dogs under the age of one are actually 2.5 times more likely than their older brethren to have an unexpected visit to the vet. And while every parent wants to provide their pets with the best care possible, sometimes the high costs can force you to ask your vet for less expensive alternatives.

Our company provided all the bells and whistles for this site, from online forms, blogs, e commerce, to online live chats.

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Legendary Technologies
Assurance Locking
O'Brien Law Firm
Harvest International Church
The Commons Club
Affordable Pet Care Center
House Mechanics
Thread Source
Bradford Mental Health

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