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February 15, 2016 revolutionadmin

Lincoln’s Lebanon: Civil War Multimedia Experience

The Project

The team at Revolution eMedia love everything there is about history. We also love to capture and document living history that takes place in communities today. This past fall the Revolution eMedia team had a great opportunity to watch and capture a historical reenactment of a Civil War battle.

Today we are pleased to give you a look at some of the resulting footage from this project! We hope you enjoy the results as we were quite pleased with the group that put on the reenactment. The event that was shot was “Lincoln’s Lebanon” a Civil War Re-enactment hosted by the Boone County historical Society in Lebanon Indiana.

This group did a great job getting into the roles they were playing. It was filled with tons of great people wearing historical outfits, and showed you what it was like to live in a camp of the Union or Confederate army. The event also had some great talent that came out and posed as Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. The men gave speeches and spoke of their time during this great divide in American history.

Event Information
If you are interested in finding out more information about the event, just click the button to find out when the event is taking place and for more news and updates on it.

Lincoln’s Lebanon

The Services

If you or someone you know has an event, reenactment or story to tell let us know about it. We would love to get together and talk about it and see if maybe there is a way we can work together.  Whether it be promotional content such as video and graphic design or documentary content such as full video programs and web content we produce amazing results. We even go as far as producing interactive content for virtual reality.

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