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August 9, 2016 revolutionadmin

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Pokemon Go

Interactive engagements are perfect for marketing as they increase customer relations and ensure potential clients get a platform to understand the business. Pokemon Go has emerged as a perfect marketing platform for businesses that rely on foot traffic as the Augmented Reality setting brings forth potential clients. Businesses can utilize the game to attract customers through the varied advertising tactics including setting up the business premise as a Pokestop, structuring of lures that will pull the target audience towards the business or setting up gaming challenges for paying customers.

What is Pokemon Go?

com2Fwp-content2Fuploads2F20162F032Fnexus2cee_PokemonGO2-728x573Pokemon Go is an interactive multiplayer game played online that engages individuals to search different locations in trying to find Pokemons in the real world. It is a fun and adventure oriented game that utilizes the GPS coordinates of your phone to pinpoint your location and your proximity to Pokemon characters. It requires individuals to move physically along varied areas in a bid to close down the target areas be it Pokestops, Gyms or Lures. It is a thoughtful and interesting game that combines Gamification and Geoinformatics to create the perfect interactive module.

Kinds of businesses that benefit from traffic generated by the game

As a marketing platform, Pokemon Go is very effective in driving traffic to target areas and locations and it is this increased attention that businesses can take advantage of. A retail business is the biggest winner with the marketing capabilities that the game brings along. Retail businesses depend on foot traffic for sales and the game is perfect for driving the same as it is played by people who are moving about searching for the Pokemons, Pokestops, Gyms and Lures. Restaurants, bars and convenience stores can massively benefit from the traffic that the game brings as they all thrive on increased attention to what they are offering and the products on sale. In general, Businesses with a physical retail location are in line to benefit since the game bring along the target audience.

Pokemon Go marketing tactics

Pokestop-SlideshowCurrently, there are three effective marketing tactics that can be used with the Pokemon Go game. A business can utilize these tactics depending on their location and type of service.

Pokestops – A Pokestop is a strategic landmark usually a street corner, church, park or significant platform. Pokestops are places where useful items for the game can be sourced and it is therefore a beacon that gamers target when in playing mode. Setting a business as a Pokestop will attract potential clients who will come to find and capture a Pokemon.

Lures – Lures work best for businesses that are close to a Pokestop. A business located next to or in close proximity to a Pokestop can buy lures which are basically Pokemon and useful gaming items that gamers target that will last 30 minutes allowing the business to attract traffic for the same duration. Lures work best for convenience stores located next to recognizable landmarks where buyers frequent to get fast supplies.

Gyms – Gyms are places that gamers can meet and engage fellow individuals in the gaming mode. They are places where game characters assemble to challenge and find the supreme one from the selection. A business can set up a Pokegym and allow paying individuals to come about and enjoy the game as they sample the services that a business offers. Gyms work best for Internet Cafes and bars where people come to have fun and interact with other individuals.

Options your business can exploit

SignWith the Pokemon Go phenomenon continuing to cause ripples across the business world, business owners can take advantage of the game to advertise and create a marketing strategy that will improve sales.

Signs – Pokemon Go as a game thrives on the mystery of adventure and discovery and placing signs for your business informing players that they can enjoy a game is a creative strategy. The signs will attract players leading to increased traffic to the business.

Discounts – Discounts for gamers who are part of a team is a strategy to utilize in getting more clients to the business and capturing the referral scheme of advertising as players will bring friends.

Contests – Contests as with setting up a Pokegym are perfect as they will bring together many gamers who will enjoy the Gym battle as they enjoy the services and products of the business.

Promotions – A business can exploit a marketing angle of promotions where customers are given giveaways and other benefits for capturing a Pokemon in the shop.

Examples of businesses that have benefited

The Humane Society is one business that has massively benefited from Pokemon Go with their slogan of “Gotta Adopt ’em All”. With their setup of Pokestop and Pokegym, they have effectively lured pet parents who can adopt a rescued pet at a reduced fee. At the Pokestop, potential pet owners can also play, interact and walk with the pets while enjoying Pokemon Go.

The bottom Line

Marketing for a business involves a strategic approach that will land potential clients and facilitate a conversion of the same clique of individuals into customers. Pokemon Go and its marketing strategies and detail options cam enable a business attract traffic while inducing their need for the product or service the business offers.

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