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February 2, 2016 Dustin Langley

Vital Visuals – Why professional photos and videos are essential

Professional Photos and Videos

Human nature is selective; it makes humans yearn for the very best. To get the best out of online clients who visit your website, you have to appeal to their human nature. This is where web design videography and photography comes in handy for you. Videos and photos can work magic on your website; they elevate the level of interaction between you and your online clients building stronger networks for you. However, just having photos and videos on your website is not enough. Procuring a professional touch is the difference between an ordinary website and an extraordinary one. How so? Here are a few aspects as to why professional photos and videos are essential to the success of your website.

First Impressions

There is never a second chance to make a first impression. This statement couldn’t be more right in as far as professional photos and videos on the website are concerned. Website growth and success is based on the first contact it makes with its visitors. Professional photos and videos create an instant appeal to visitors. Here’s how a good first impression can benefit your website;
Returning visitors, people are more likely to return to a website that had videos and photographs as opposed to that which didn’t. This is because videos showcase a higher level of commitment and professionalism in providing solutions to visitors.

Recommendations, a good first impression, increases the chances of having your website recommended to other potential visitors. This increases the number of visitors on your website and with more people viewing it becomes more successful.


Today, research indicates that 75% of people prefer watching videos over the internet while in search of a solution to more than half of them watching videos online on a daily basis. Similar statistics is also made on the photographs. Such is the level of engagement owed to website videos, and photographs have on users. Here is how professional photography and videography enhances engagement
Videos and photos are visual aids, and they elevate the level of interaction between the visitors and the website. Demonstrative videos provide instant answers and solutions to visitors

Videos and photos are time saving. With a video, a visitor can learn about what you do, how you do it and where do you do it in a record time of fewer than two minutes. Having learnt about your venture, the visitor can make a split second decision on whether to engage your services. If you have procured professional web design, videography and photography this split second decision is more likely to be positive.
Uniqueness and quality

Uniqueness and quality

Authenticity in websites is what web browsers seek while looking for solutions online. Having a unique and quality website is what makes your website look authentic to web browsers that are important to its success. Integrating the use of professional photos and videos on your website is the best way to achieve this. If you have a unique video that explains what your website is about, it is bound to be more successful than not having one. Videography and photography are also associated with quality websites. Quality in that they portray there was time taken to visually demonstrate solutions and answers to visitors.

Redefine your website today by engaging a professional web design videography and photography services and brace yourself for success.

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