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Small Business Marketing Strategies: Pokemon Go

Interactive engagements are perfect for marketing as they increase customer relations and ensure potential clients get a platform to understand the business. Pokemon Go has emerged as a perfect marketing platform for businesses that rely on foot traffic as the Augmented Reality setting brings forth potential clients. Businesses can utilize the game to attract customers through the varied advertising tactics including setting up the business premise as a Pokestop, structuring of lures that will pull the target audience towards the business or setting up gaming challenges for paying customers. Read more

LearnMore App Kickstarter

These are exciting times for the Revolution eMedia team! For quite some time now we have been working  to develop an incredible App that brings ‘Augmented Reality’ to science and history education.  For several years now, we have been deeply involved in immersive media like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), and we are confident in our ability to maximize the learning experience, encourage engagement, and stimulate imaginations of all ages. Read more

Lincoln’s Lebanon: Civil War Multimedia Experience

The Project

The team at Revolution eMedia love everything there is about history. We also love to capture and document living history that takes place in communities today. This past fall the Revolution eMedia team had a great opportunity to watch and capture a historical reenactment of a Civil War battle. Read more

Vital Visuals – Why professional photos and videos are essential

Professional Photos and Videos

Human nature is selective; it makes humans yearn for the very best. To get the best out of online clients who visit your website, you have to appeal to their human nature. This is where web design videography and photography comes in handy for you. Videos and photos can work magic on your website; they elevate the level of interaction between you and your online clients building stronger networks for you. However, just having photos and videos on your website is not enough. Procuring a professional touch is the difference between an ordinary website and an extraordinary one. How so? Here are a few aspects as to why professional photos and videos are essential to the success of your website. Read more

Cheap Gets Expensive – Why pay more for professional web design?

Websites are not a luxury in this day and age of digital experience. Websites are designed to offer a service be it directing traffic, attracting traffic or simply informing online users of a product or service. Getting it right with your website is thus a factor that you have to capitalize on if you are to meet the target of impressing the online fraternity. People have been characterized as creating websites using DIY instructions, amateur knowledge while some approach web design professionals for the task. There are major differences in the websites that emanate from these three modes of website creation. Read more

Knowledge Is An Investment: eLearning ROI

We live in an information-based society, which is propagated through advancements and improvements in technology, and this is not a trend that will be ending anytime soon. Indeed, seeking streamlined ways to deliver information and knowledge is the key to maintaining a dynamic workforce, and elearning is fast becoming the preferred way to deliver the education that a busy workforce needs to remain competitive. Read more

Stand Out With Better SEO

If you are a business website owner and your sales have been lagging lately, then you obviously realize that you need to change your marketing strategy. The problem isn’t necessarily something that you’re doing wrong, but it’s likely due to something you aren’t doing at all. Read more

Marketing for Success: The Importance of Blogging

Approximately 2 out of 3 businesses are maintaining an active blog, according to the Content Marketing Institute, and if your business isn’t one of them, you’re losing potential customers by the minute. Both B2B and B2C companies benefit from blogging, which is a low cost expense when compared with traditional television advertising. But what exactly does blogging do for your business? Let’s take a look. Read more

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