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Does your business need creative, bold, engaging and beautiful videos that are effective, smooth flowing and easy to follow? We have been involved in all facets of video production and motion graphics for years. Couple that with decades of digital design experience, and you get the best bet for boosting your brand to stand out among the crowd. Charge us with creating bold and beautiful videos that are smooth flowing and easy to follow.

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Video Production

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our highlighted video projects below.

The Ride 360°

The Ride 360°

Experience the history and excitement of taking a virtual ride on a Ford Model T. With the power of 360° video and this historical experience in time comes to life right on your computer, cell phone or tablet. This 360 video experience will completely immerse you in a cinematic educational interactive experience. For those not yet familiar with 360 video content you can re-position the view on your computer by dragging your mouse around the video or on mobile devices by simply moving your device around. For the most immersive experience possible be sure to try out the video using Google Cardboard and your mobile device!

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House Mechanics

House Mechanics is a contractor specializing in residential roofing, siding and windows. As insurance clam specialists House Mechanics has all manner of information to communicate to potential clients. Revolution has worked to produce a series of videos outline the the claims processes and repair information.

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CosAwesome PSA

CosAwesome is an Indiana based cosplay group and wanted to make it clear that they would NOT be supporting Indiana’s controversial new RFRA law. “We believe it threatens constitutional rights and opens the door to discrimination. We believe in being awesome to everyone, and we support all types of people, all day, every day.” – CosAwesome spokesperson. Team member Dustin Langley and his brother Joe worked with dozens of cos-players to help produce this short PSA

Commission Short Film

Commi$$ion is a short film narrative instructional comedy revealing the 10 step process to selling a used car, any used car. Team leader Mike Hobbs worked extensively on all facets of production and editing with the crew and talent to bring this story together filling the roles of director and producer.

Edison Educational AR Demo

Experience the history and science of the invention of the incandescent electric light bulb. With the power of the LearnMore App (coming soon) Thomas Edison and this historical moment in time comes to life right on a student’s cell phone or tablet. This poster creates a fully cinematic educational interactive experience.

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Commons Club

Commons Club

Revolution teamed up with a high-end country club in south west Florida to shoot a series of video describing a 4.5 million dollar renovation proposal. The video was shown to possible investors and members alike. Getting creative with the project, we took a map of the grounds and overlaid video according to location on the property. This allowed for the persons interested to get a larger scale view of the project and interact with their areas of interest. The Commons club invited us back for a follow-up shoot and we gladly accepted.

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